Where To Buy Earphones And Headphones

Many people buy headphones and earphones online, but some still go to their local store and buy them there. Some days ago I was wondering of small local stores can sell popular headphones for cheaper than online stores. So I decided to test it out and went to a tech local store near my house. I checked the price of some Sony earphones and headphones,and to my suprise- the prices were pretty much the same. I am a headphones collector, and from now on I will check the price in my local store before buying online.


It is always to buy headphones from a local store because you can see what you get, and in case the headphones are not working properly, you don’t have to prove anything. Besides that, in a local store you get discounts, while online you can’t do much about the price. Local stores don’t sell as much as Amazon does, so they will do pretty much anything to make you buy from them – including lowering the price. Keep in mind that some headphone companies don’t allow retails to sell headphones under a certain price. So many times – the seller won’t be able to lower the price even if he really wants to do you a favor.



Top 5 Bluetooth Headphones

There are thousands of Bluetooth headphones. Watch the following video and see the top 5 Bluetooth headphones available :

Soon we will post reviews of some of the headphones shown in thew video. We would like to test them all, but right now our budget is really limited. Make sure to subscribe to our RSS so you will know when the reviews are posted.

BOHM Headphones

The BOHM headphones came out about a year ago, and became super popular. People seem to really like them because of their cool design and good sound quality. Also, they are noice canceling and this feature works really well. Basically, it allows you to use the headphones in noisy places without any problem.

How the noise canceling technology works? Well, I must admit that I was not sure, until I found this really great video that explains exactly how it works :


The BOHM headphones come in2 colors.I like the brown leather version really much. These earphones are also Bluetooth enabled. This means you can easily connect them to any smartphone or tablet. No cables are needed. The battery life is really good actually and charging time is not too long.


On Amazon and eBay you can find many other Bluetooth headphones. I think that the BOHM headphones will become even more popular in the future. Right now they sel lreally well on Amazon, and I guess soon retail stores wil lsell them as well.

SHURE SE215 Review

Many people consider the Sure se21 earphones as the best value for money earphones under $100. In my opinion this is very true. These earphones are really amazing. The sound quality they provide is just excellent, especially for earphones that you can buy for less than 100 dollars.

Shure also has more advanced earphones, some cost thousands of dollars. The Shure SE215 is their entry level model, and I am sure that after trying them out, you will buy the next models in the future as well.


These in ear headphones are super comfortable, but it takes some time until you get a hold of how to wear them. It took me a long time at first. After you get them right in the ear, they will stay there, even if you run, workout or whatever.  In my opinion these are the perfect earphones for working out.

The Shure SE215 earphones come with different tips and cleaning tool. You can choose the best fitting tip and get a really comfortable fit easily.

MDR-EX110AP In-ear Headphones

MDR-EX110AP are very successful and popular in ear headphones. I bet they are one of the best selling earphones Sony ever made. So why they are so popular? because of their great sound quality and really good price. Now don’t get me wrong – these are not super cheap earphones. They cost much more than any generic pair of earphones you can find on eBay.But compared to more expensive earphones like Shure E250 They are really affordable.


The MDR-EX110AP in ear earphones are very comfortable, but I can’t say they are the most comfortable earphones I ever had. I will give that title to my Shure earphones ( I own few models, including the premium ones).

The MDR-EX110AP earphones are bought by hundreds of people very single day. I read some reviews of them online and it seems like most people really like them. The sound quality may not be as good as in $200 earphones – but for $20, they are amazing. I persoanlly own a pair of them and use them in the gym. The fit is really good and they don’t fall even when you run really fast 🙂


These earphones come in few colors – I like the red/black version, it looks really nice. The black version is the most popular one in my opinion, but all colors look really cool. I also heard that from time to time these earphones come in special editions with cool colors.